Hi. I am Shauna Bergmann -  68 years young- diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes three years ago.

My doctor suggested I consider the Jumpstart programme however I was working fulltime and felt sure that with changing my diet and doing lots of walking that I would be able to manage my blood sugar levels. Although I lost 10 kg over the following two years my blood sugar levels were fluctuating so I was put on Metformin.

Recently I retired and whilst on holiday in the South Island I injured my left hip and found it difficult to walk for long distances. My strength and energy diminished, and my cholesterol levels rose.  My doctor said that I might need to go on Statins if I could not reduce my cholesterol. I decided to call in at the YMCA and ask about the Jumpstart programme and started the programme on 21st May.


My goals over the ten weeks of the programme –

Attend three sessions each week and walk daily

Lose 3kg and reduce waist and hip measurements by at least 5cm each

Gain energy and strength and develop more toned muscles


Next week I will be weighed, measured and strength tested but I have already found that my size 18 jeans and pants are too loose. I have donated them to the op shop as I have no intention of ever fitting them again. In August I will be traveling in Europe for nine weeks, and in November my daughter will be getting married so I am very motivated to be healthy, fit and look my best.


It has been fantastic doing Jumpstart with the support of my instructor Gilly, my Jumpstart buddy Bob and my partner Roger. The routines have been varied and adjusted to my increasing strength and I feel motivated and energised.  I found the Nutrition Seminar very informative and although eating well, my portions needed a bit of fine tuning and I now understand reading labels and the need for balancing proteins and carbs much better.

I realise that instead of just relying on myself to deal with my Diabetic situation I could benefit from the knowledge, guidance and support of others to achieve and exceed my expectations.