Following the successful pilot programmes in 2013, Jumpstart Diabetes Programme has been in full swing across 11 communities in Auckland and Hamilton.
In 2017, Jumpstart Is proud to be expanding into three new locations throughout New Zealand – Wellington, Christchurch and Invercargill.

The unique partnership between Pharmaco, Diabetes New Zealand and YMCA Auckland has led the programme to be a success through the practice of leveraging each organisations passion and operational support. YMCA Auckland has ensured a tight-knit, passionate and focused team at each YMCA location.

We believe the recipe is a balance between the genuine desire to help people, and partnerships with other organisations who are wanting to achieve the same. We have been refining Jumpstart for a few years and believe we now have something very useful to share with our fellow YMCA’s. – Peta McMillan, Targeted Health Programmes Coordinator, YMCA

Jumpstart can provide an entry into the world of fitness and physical activity for people with diabetes. By way of being an entry-level programme to support those with diabetes, Jumpstart provides a safe, supportive environment which nurtures behaviour and lifestyle changes. Results such as increased daily movement, improved diet, greater awareness of exercise benefits, decrease blood pressure, improved waist to hip ratio and improved cardiovascular fitness, boasts success. YMCA Auckland has hosted the Jumpstart programme at each of their locations since 2014, resulting in national recognition in 2016 winning the Programme Excellence Awards at the NZ Fitness Industry Awards. Read more.

Following the success the programme has experienced in Auckland and Hamilton, YMCA Auckland Chief Executive, Peter Fergusson is pleased to be sharing the concept with other YMCAs throughout the country.

"Taking Jumpstart to New Zealand has always been a part of the dream for each of the three originating partner organisations (Pharmaco, Diabetes NZ and YMCA). While it has been tempting to expand the programme to other areas of the country much earlier – there has been an enormous benefit in piloting, refining, researching and adjusting Jumpstart, to the level it is now - a nationally recognised, benchmark programme for people with diabetes. Taking our time to refine and nurture Jumpstart has ensured a healthy, steady and established programme, that makes a real difference in people’s lives" – CEO Peter Fergusson, YMCA Auckland Inc.

The next programme is set to take off in on 7 February, with local programmes currently seeking referrals from health professionals and community members. If you know someone who may be interested in Jumpstart, please refer them to our website

To get in contact with our Jumpstart Coordinator, phone 0800 335 666 or email