Jumpstart is helping people change their lives, for the better. Sometimes we like to jump up and down and share our news with you! Check out our news library below.


Hamilton Sucess

Katy Windsor from Hamilton shares her Jumpstart journey.

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Niloufer Sultana Nicola Leney Jumpstart Website

Breaking down barriers to healthy living opportunities

For eight years, Niloufer Sultana has faced a number of health challenges, including being diagnosed as pre-diabetic, and suffering from a stroke and three heart attacks. By 2016 Niloufer knew it was time for a lifestyle change. Upon joining the YMCA, she felt she had finally found a place where she was welcome and comfortable enough to work on her health.

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Jumpstart Upper Hutt

Karen Turner taking control in Upper Hutt

Karen Turner didn't realise the damage her unhealthy eating habits were having on her body.

Exhausted from her full-time commercial cleaning shifts, she would be too knackered to cook herself a decent meal and would eat whatever was around the house or order takeaways.

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Jumpstart Eye Article Copy

The Invercargill Eye | Addressing Diabetes in South

Walking up the stairs without holding onto the railing might not be much to some, but for Maureen Calvert it is everything.

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Peta Media

Diabetes health programme launched in Upper Hutt

Peta McMillan from the YMCA introduces the Jumpstart programme at the official launch in Upper Hutt.

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The Southland Times | Southlanders Find Diabetes Isolating

Well South long-term conditions community nurse Rebecca Grant and YMCA targeted health programme co-ordinator Peta McMillan at the Jumpstart launch on Monday evening.
Amber-Leigh Woolf reports for The Southland Times on March 14 2017.

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39 Southern Television Branding Master Website

YMCA Helping Invercargill fight Diabetes

Wednesday, March 15, 2017 | Ruby Spinks reports: With one in four New Zealanders being diabetic or having pre-diabetes.The YMCA is rolling out a programme to help people prevent and manage the disease, and registration is now open for the Invercargill group.

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Dave Health

Jumpstart goes National in 2017

Happy New Year!
We have some exciting news!
Following the successful pilot programmes in 2013. In 2017, Jumpstart Is proud to be expanding...

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Awards Stage

Jumpstart Wins at NZ Exercise Industry Awards

We are very pleased and proud to be able to share the exciting news from the NZ Exercise Industry Awards, on the weekend. 

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Josephine Lio Listing

Meet Josephine

What started out as being a friendly support, resulted in her joining the Jumpstart programme...

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Joanne Currey Listing

Meet Joanne

At the end of 2014, Joanne Currey received life-changing news. She had been diagnosed with diabetes, and told she was a “walking time bomb”.

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Iona Liddell Listing

Meet Iona

The day after Iona Liddell had a heart attack, she was diagnosed with diabetes. It came to her as a huge shock.

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