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Jumpstart wont hurt. But your diabetes might.

Jumpstart is a lifestyle programme that takes a holistic approach to diabetes self-management through active movement, nutritional guidance, health education, family involvement and community. JumpStart is suitable for people from the age of 15 years, who have been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes or type 2 diabetes or who might have pre diabetes.

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Jumpstart is currently running at 14 locations across New Zealand.

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Health professionals and medical practitioners such as doctors and nurses can refer clients to the Jumpstart programme.

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You don't need a referral to join Jumpstart. If you think Jumpstart is right for you register yourself for a programme near you.

The JumpStart Story

The idea of Jumpstart began with with a simple conversation between Peter Fergusson (CEO, YMCA Auckland) and Chandra Selvadurai (CEO, Pharmaco NZ Ltd). Both were passionate about helping those living with diabetes to lead a healthier life and believed that in partnership, their two organisations could make a real difference.

The coffee and conversation they shared lead to a pilot being set up in 2013 with the support of Diabetes New Zealand and the Auckland and Hamilton roll out beginning in 2014.

Over 260,000 New Zealanders have been diagnosed with diabetes. Nearly 40,000 of these people are Maori*. Everyone is at risk, but some people are at greater risk than others. Chandra Selvadurai says, “Diabetes is something that can be managed if you make positive changes to diet, get more exercise and make small changes to your lifestyle. All these things can make a difference."

Peter Fergusson from the YMCA shares the concern that that diabetes is one of the biggest health issues facing New Zealand. “The YMCA is a 

very open and inclusive environment so people who may never have stepped in a gym feel supported not by our instructors, but also by the other people like them who are dealing with diabetes,” says Peter.

 Both Peter and Chandra are committed to continuing to grow the Jumpstart network and are proud of what has been achieved so far. “Every person who this program helps is just one small step toward making a healthier New Zealand,” comments Chandra. 

Isn’t it amazing what a coffee and a chat can achieve!

Latest News

1000 Participants

1000 Participants

Jumpstart, the national diabetes health and lifestyle programme created by the YMCA Auckland and healthcare company Pharmaco (NZ) Ltd, has reached a milestone this week with it’s 1000th participant signing up.

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Shauna3 Min

Shauna's Jumpstart journey in her own words.

My doctor said that I might need to go on Statins if I could not reduce my cholesterol. I decided to call in at the YMCA and ask about the Jumpstart programme and started the programme on 21st May

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Jumpstart Generic Thumbnail Lores

Wellington woman fights to give her health a Jumpstart

Erin McMenamin (72) of Lower Hutt, Wellington has a health history that shows she’s a fighter, from operations on her knees and hands to battling cancer, undergoing spinal and living with diabetes.

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Tina Testimonial

“I feel much better, and I’m sleeping better. When I wake up I want to get up and do something.”

Tina Devi Auckland CBD JumpStarter
Ional Liddell Testimonial

“I found it really good because the groups are small and it’s really good meeting others who are in the same situation.”

Iona Liddell Onehunga JumpStarter
Joanne Curry Testimonial

“I enjoyed Jumpstart, it was interactive and it helped with a lot of things. They taught us how to read the labels on the back of our food, and it just helped me change my way of living."

Joanne Curry Northcote JumpStarter
Josephine Lio Testimonial

“It’s given me a lot of confidence, people around me have noticed something is going on and I can't stop telling them about the Jumpstart programme.”

Josephine Lio Auckland CBD JumpStarter
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